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Urban Forestry Consultants

Arboriculture Services

The Morris Arboretum’s arboricultural consulting team consists of two experienced International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Board Certified Master Arborists and an Arboricultural Intern. The consulting team has over 50 years of experience in arboriculture, and belongs to the American Society of Consulting Arborists, a highly selective professional organization. The fees generated by the Arboricultural consulting team directly support the Arboretum’s mission of education, research, and outreach. Call us at 215.247.5777 x189 to discuss your arboricultural needs and see how we can help you!

Please note that we do not work for individual residential clients unless an arborist requests our tree diagnostic services to provide recommendations on specific trees. Residential clients with arboricultural needs can find a local arborist through the ISA website.

Street/Park Tree Inventory & Assessment – Risk Management

Tree and natural resource inventories are essential for planning, maintenance, scheduling, cost estimating, managing resources, and decision-making. We can assess the biological and structural health of your trees. This information can pinpoint trees that constitute a safety hazard, and when coupled with an inventory, provide essential information for developing management priorities and budgets.

Tree and Natural Resource Mapping

The Morris Consultants can map and graphically present your natural resources in CAD or GIS. Trees can be referenced with information from our inventories/assessments; tree icons can show canopy size, tree type, life expectancy and other information.

Tree Management Plans/EAB Plans

We will provide you with an action-based, prioritized tree management plan based, in part, on tree inventory/assessment information. The plan’s information is tailored to fit your needs and can provide budget and planning information, offer a wide array of tree-related recommendations, and give you the in-depth information on implementing best tree and risk management practices. We can also craft Emerald Ash Borer management plans for your institution or municipality.

Specification/Ordinance Writing and Development

A well-written tree ordinance benefits your community by supporting active tree maintenance and planting. We work with you to develop ordinances that fit your particular needs and circumstances. The Urban Forestry Consultant team can provide tree-related specifications customized to fit your project. We work with all stakeholders, including Shade Tree Commissions, Environmental Action Committees, and Engineers, to develop and implement strategies that help insure the health and longevity of your community’s natural resources.

In-depth Tree Safety Inspection

Maladies such as cavities, cracks, fungal fruiting bodies and other signs of structural problems may be discovered during a tree inventory/assessment. In some cases, it may not be possible to make a clear treatment or removal recommendation without an in-depth inspection. If structural soundness is in question, a Resistograph® - a machine that measures the resistance of wood to a 1/8-inch diameter brad point drill bit as it bores into the trunk or limb - can be used as a diagnostic tool to help quantify the extent of sound wood.

Tree Protection during Construction/Development

Before construction begins, the Arboretum can help you to protect trees at all project phases, from initial planning to after-construction tree care. We identify tree protection zones, structural root zones, and provide specifications to assure trees and shrubs are planted and protected.

Cost Estimation and Planning

Inventory/assessment information is used to estimate the cost of tree removals, stump grinding, pruning, cabling, and other activities. We will prepare a prioritized phased management program customized to fit specific budgets. We advise on tree pruning, tree removal, lightning protection, new tree planting and tree species selection.

Soil Testing and Tree Diagnostics

Soil quality directly impacts tree health and longevity, and many tree-related problems arise from poor soil conditions. The Urban Forestry team can identify soil deficiencies by conducting soil tests to provide the information necessary to recommend a course of action. We diagnose problematic tree health and safety conditions by using the most up-to-date specialty tools such as the Resistograph®, a handheld device that can detect tree cracks and cavities.

Workshops, Courses, Training

We provide introductory through expert-level courses and seminars on a wide range of arboricultural topics. These sessions provide hands-on training and background information, enabling our clients to actively manage their tree resource using best management practices and the most current standards. Educational workshops are provided at the Morris Arboretum or at your site. Click here for current School of Arboriculture class offerings.

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Urban Forestry Consultants

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Urban Forestry Consultants diagnose problematic tree health and safety conditions by using the most up-to-date specialty tools such as the Resistograph®, a handheld device that can detect tree cracks and cavities.

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