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Morris Papers of Local or Historic Interest

Early Compton Years 1887-1932

  • Lydia Morris' Cookbook  In her own handwriting, Lydia compiled her recipes from 1883 into the 1920's. 2011.7.1
  • Catalogue No. 1 - Missing - Articles #1-#466 belonging to John T. and Lydia T. Morris 
  • Catalogue Index Volume 1 - Articles belonging to John T. and Lydia T. Morris by JTM.   2006.3.1.    Transcribed by EG.
  • Catalogue No. 2 - Articles #467-#678 belonging to John T. and Lydia T. Morris, by JTM.   2006.3.2. 
  • Catalogue Index Volume 2 - Articles Belonging to John T. and Lydia T. Morris.   2006.3.3 
  • Floor Plan of Compton Mansion 1909  from Pugh & Hubbard Atlas on Compton - beeswax.   2012.5.3
  • Floor Plan of Widener 1909 from Pugh & Hubbard Atlas on Compton - beeswax (B&W).   2012.5.4 
  • Ode to Miss Morris an excerpt from the Kellner Diaries. Aboard S.S. Lahn, in November 1889 Miss Kellner, a nurse and companion kept diaries of what transpired. She writes that Miss Morris received a poem in blank verse from fellow passenger Rev. Dr. Aberigh Mackay.  " And pleasant memories will gather around this poem, as in after years the occasion and all incidents will be recalled". 2012.7.2

Life at Compton

Dr. Frank Gould, Estate Manager 1898-1919, kept monthly account books for John T. Morris showing estate employees wages, expenses, and estate sales of eggs and butter.

John Tonkin, Estate Head Gardener 1917-1932, left eleven journals of gardening at Compton Estate and Bloomfield Farm. These volumes provide a rich insight into the seasonal gardening tasks, horticultural and agricultural practices, and the seasonal and full-time grounds staff. These diaries were transcribed by Archives & History volunteers: Susan Marshall, Elizabeth Gavula, Pat McKeown, Greg Sliner, Tom Boyle, Cathy Hilliard and Michelle Elizabeth Lineberger.

John Morris Memberships in Local Societies

  • Friends of Wissahickon John Morris led efforts of the Wissahickon Extension Committee with the state legislature to extend Fairmont Park to the edge of the city of Philadelphia. 2005.1.19
  • Chestnut Hill Horticultural Society, Founded in 1898, John was the first president in 1899. Newspaper articles chronicle the history, membership, and society activities 2006.1.99
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. 1910 Membership card for John T. Morris.
  • Site and Relic Society of Germantown (see below)
  • Philadelphia Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (see below)

JTM Copies of Addresses to Local Historical Societies between 1901 and 1911

  • Emlen House Washington's Headquarters, 1777: 'An Address of Charles Henry Jones at Whitemarsh' to the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution on June 19, 1909. Signed on the cover by John T. Morris. 2006.3.7
  • Grumblethorpe An address delivered to the Site & Relic Society of Germantown in 1907. An early Philadelphia country estate owned by Wistar family since 1737 that hosted the British general during the 1777 Battle of Germantown. Grumblethorpe visitors and horticulture are described in detail. 2006.3.8.1
  • Pomona Grove An address delivered to the Site & Relic Society of Germantown in 1907. Pomona Grove, built in 1755, was another country estate owned by wealthy Philadelphians, and located along Germantown Avenue between Cliveden and Grumblethorpe. 2006.3.8.2
  • Taverns of Old Philadelphia An address delivered by Fred Perry Powers to the Site & Relic Society of Germantown, March 17, 1911 2006.3.8.3
  • Dramatic Features of Pennsylvania's History An address on Pennsylvania colonial history delivered by Hon. Hampton L. Carson, Attorney General of Pennsylvania before the Site & Relic Society of Germantown, November 25, 1904. 2006.3.9
  • Fort Washington and the Encampment at White Marsh, November 2, 1777. An address given on June 15, 1901 to the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution by Richard McCall Cadwalader, it's President, in observence of the 123rd anniversary of the Evacuation of Philadelphia by the British Army . Meeting held at Stonehenge on the Skippack Pike, Mr. Cadwalader's residence. 2006.3.10

Early Arboretum Days 1932-1977

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