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Magnolia grandifolia ‘Edith Bogue’
Garden Railway

Magnolia grandifolia ‘Edith Bogue’

(Edith Bogue southern magnolia)

The rich evergreen of the southern magnolia adds color to the garden railway in the winter months.

Cedrus atlantica
Near Pennock Garden

Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca'
(blue Atlas cedar)

Its large and unique shape make this cedar a lovely sight in all seasons.

Dicksonia antarctica

Dicksonia antarctica
(Tasmanian tree fern)

Fossils of this Australian native date to the Jurassic period!

Corylus fargesii
Near Azalea Meadow

Corylus fargesii

The exfoliating bark makes the row of filberts an attractive walk in mid-winter.

RIlex x koehneana
Near Gates Hall Parking

Ilex x koehneana
(Koehne holly)

A hybrid in the Aquifoliaceae, koehne holly can be distinguished by its yellow tipped leaves.

Adiantum peruvianum

Adiantum peruvianum
(silver dollar fern)

The silver dollar fern can be identified by its large and delicate leaves.

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