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Plant Clinic

Our free plant clinic service is available from 1:00 - 3:00pm Monday-Friday (except Thursday), located in the Widener Visitor Center.

Please drop off all samples from 10:00am - 4:00pm. Leave all samples in the plant clinic with a description of your observations or concerns, in addition to an email address and a phone number.

The free plant clinic is best equipped to handle inquiries related to:

Significant portions of plant material (several branches with clusters of leaves, flowers, and/or fruits or seeds) should be submitted to receive an accurate identification or diagnosis. Please avoid leaving single leaves or branches.

All photographs sent via email should be accompanied by a physical sample left at the plant clinic during operating hours.

At this time, the plant clinic is unable to process soil and tissue samples.

Unfortunately the Morris Arboretum cannot endorse any third party or external agency unaffiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.

Contact the Plant Clinic at or 215.247.5777 ext.141

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Weather Update:

The Arboretum is open as usual today 10:00am - 4:00pm. Please use extra caution on pathways as some ice may persist.

Please note that winter weather conditions can change quickly, check back or call (215) 247-5777 before heading out for a visit.

Weather conditions may limit garden access to certain features even if the garden is open – please check the web site or call (215) 247-5777 for updates before visiting. Our visitors’ safety in the garden is our top priority. Therefore when inclement weather is predicted, we will make decisions about closing the garden accordingly.