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Internship Program at Morris Arboretum

Internship Program at Morris Arboretum

Plant Protection


The Plant Protection Intern works under the Arboretum's senior botanist and plant pathologist to monitor plant pest and disease problems affecting the living collection. The intern also extends the Arboretum's horticultural expertise and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) philosophy to the public to answer their gardening questions. This position is supported by the John J. Willaman & Martha Haas Valentine Internship Endowment.

Jacob Golan

Jacob Golan
2014-15 John J. Willaman & Martha Haas Valentine Endowed Plant Protection Intern

Duties and Responsibilities


Work Environment

The Plant Protection Intern spends time each day out-of-doors or in the greenhouses observing plants in the collection for pest and disease problems. In addition, laboratory facilities are provided for researching, diagnosing, and culturing pest and disease organisms. The intern is also responsible for scheduling and coordinating other interns' participation in staffing the Plant Clinic. Interacting with Plant Clinic users, either in person or by telephone, is another important role. Follow-up may include drawing on the expertise of other arboretum staff members or conducting research via the internet or other more traditional avenues to answer specific questions.

Past Project Topics

Click here to read the 2011-2012 Plant Protection Intern Report.
Click here to read the 2010-2011 Plant Protection Intern Report.

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