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A Closer Look

Green Purchasing

We are working closely with our suppliers to increase the number of items made of recycled, re-manufactured or other green attributes as well as to ensure that they are produced in ways that lower the environmental impact. Examples include:

  • When you purchase office supplies through BEN Buys, we have made it simple to locate a greener alternative.
  • Ben’s Attic, which allows faculty, staff and students to offer University property that they no longer need for sale or for free to other members of the Penn Community.
  • We have brought sustainable, local food to Penn’s campus through our dining operations, and a campus farmer’s market
  • The University of Pennsylvania’s Green Purchasing Awards, sponsored by Penn Purchasing Services and Penn Sustainability, recognize the outstanding contributions of an individual or team that significantly advances the development of sustainable purchasing practices at Penn.
  • Penn requires FSC Certification of all preferred print vendors. FSC Certification is a Chain of Custody Certification, therefore printers must also be certified, not just paper.