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The Individuals listed below have been recognized for their years of service to the Business Services Division and the University.


Name Years of Service Department
John McGready 20 Computer Connection
Michael Kelty 20 Computer Connection
Marc Katzman 30 Computer Connection
Michele Tollock 10 Purchasing Services
Lisa Bailey 10 Morris Arboretum
Joseph Murtaugh 10 Morris Arboretum
Loiuse Clark 10 Morris Arboretum
Andrew Hawkes 15 Morris Arboretum
Keith Snyder 20 Morris Arboretum
Christine Pape 20 Morris Arboretum
Vincent Marrocco 25 Morris Arboretum
Henry (Hank) Begg 10 Mail Services
Duresssa Selamawit 10 Parkiing Services
Alfred Bender 40 Parking Services
Mark Hing 10 Penn Transit
John Gustafson 30 Penn Transit
Najah Munson 10 Penn Children's Center
Ethiopia Grant 10 Penn Children's Center
Rachel Hughes  15 Penn Children's Center
Diane Coleman 20 Penn Children's Center
Michelle Majeski 10 Residential Services
Jennifer Miller 10 Residential & Hospitality Services
Douglas Berger 20 Residential & Hospitality Services 
Damesa Bennett  10 Hospitality Services
Patricia Mitchell 15 Penn Dining
Serina Stafford 15 Penn Dining
Paulettee Ballard 15 Penn Dining
Quinton Hill 20 Penn Dining
Malekeh Bey 25 Penn Dining
Rebecca Brooks 25 Penn Dining
Donald Lewis 25 Penn Dining
Shirley Maxwell 40 Penn Dining
Vivian Johnson 40 Penn Dining
Christopher Bradie 30 Business Services
Marie Witt 40 Business Services