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A Closer Look

Other Sustainability Efforts

Other sustainability projects and initiatives spearheaded by Business Services Departments include:

  • The creation of a Children's Garden, initiated by an interested group of parents at the Penn Children's Center, which is tended by the students and staff. All that is grown is harvested and shared.
  • Participation in the Green Office Program through the Penn Sustainability Office. The central office received the highest certification available through the program. Business Services also participates in the University’s eco-rep program.
  • Supporting the University's Climate Action Plan 2.0 in its efforts to increase Penn's geographic footprint from the core academic campus, to more fully reflect the full range of the University’s built assets, including the Morris Arboretum. As part of this effort, the Morris Arboretum is documenting the current state of its environmental sustainability efforts to institutionalize best practices and build upon past successes, including landscape management, horticulture, the construction and operation of a LEED Platinum building, academic programs and community outreach and engagement.