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The Licensing Process

Products bearing Penn trademarks are required to have proper licensing. The University of Pennsylvania's licensing program is administered in partnership with Exemplar Associates (Exemplar), which provides trademark management services that include contract management, merchandising, enforcement, brand development, information technology, and royalty management. Prior to becoming an approved licensee, vendors must complete an application process which includes submitting a completed application form, product samples, and an application fee.

Each application is evaluated individually and reviewed for a number of factors, such as current business needs; status of company with the Fair Labor Association; and, for manufacturers producing apparel, support for the International Accord for Health and Safety in the Textile and Garment Industry.

In instances that applications receive approval, vendors will then be asked to sign a formal license agreement, provide insurance information, and pay any applicable royalty advances. Information about the application process can be obtained from Exemplar Associates or by visiting our FAQ page. 

Important: Be sure to read our FAQs for additional information about our licensing program.

Rick Merriam
Exemplar Associates

Image of Penn-branded signs