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A Closer Look

Sustainable Transportation & Commuting

Transportation Services has worked closely with its partners on a number of initiatives in support of more sustainable transit and commuting options, including:

  • Expanded our ridesharing options through campus carsharing contracts with PhillyCarShare and ZipCar
  • In addition to the 5% discount SEPTA offers commuters, Penn adds an additional 5% to qualified commuters.
  • Introduced a Bike Commuter Reimbursement Program.
  • Added Occasional Parking, Vanpooling and Carpooling to give more options for sustainable commuting.
  • Instituted Low Emission vehicle parking.
  • Promoted the Emergency Ride Home program.
  • Purchased low emission vehicles for our Penn Transit Fleet.
  • Opened a new Propane Fueling Station at Penn's South Bank.