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Branding & Licensing

Information for Business Administrators

To facilitate the University's brand representation and identity, Penn permits the manufacture of apparel and other items bearing its name, trademarks, and images. The University extends this permission by granting a license to specific vendors designated "licensees." These licensed suppliers fulfill orders on behalf of the University, including those placed by Penn's schools, health system, centers, departments, and student groups. 

Over 20 years ago, the University established a Code of Workplace Conduct for Penn Licensed Product Manufacturers. The establishment of this Code, along with Penn's affiliation with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and Worker's Rights Consortium (WRC), is part of Penn's overall effort to ensure that companies permitted to produce and/or sell licensed products bearing the name, trademarks, or images of the University align with Penn’s guidelines. Penn's licensees are accountable for maintaining practices that comply with applicable legal requirements, adhering to ethical and environmental principles, and upholding workplace standards that promote full, productive, and freely chosen employment.

Penn’s guidelines stipulate that trademark-bearing merchandise ordered to represent University of Pennsylvania entities (commonly referred to as "promotional products") must be ordered from one of Penn's licensed suppliers. These licensees include industry-leading providers to the higher education community, as well as local Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and diversity-owned suppliers.

Please know that certain popular brands do not meet the licensing guidelines and are prohibited from being co-branded with the Penn name, marks, or logos. Information for manufacturers wishing to become licensed by the University can find information on the Penn Branded Merchandise and Licensing Website.

Importantly, licensed suppliers must submit all orders to the University's licensing agency, Exemplar Associates, so that the merchandise and artwork can be approved and adhere to the Penn Brand Guidelines or Penn Medicine Brand Guidelines, as applicable. Please allow at least two business days for that process to occur, as well as adequate time to make any design modifications that may be necessary to ensure adherence to licensing compliance standards.

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