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FAQs and Helpful Information

1. I am interested in using Penn trademarks on products. What do I need to do?

Products bearing Penn trademarks require approval by the University Unauthorized use of Penn’s trademarks is strictly prohibited and the University reserves the right to enforce the proper use of its trademarks.

The procedure for becoming a licensee entails an application process that is managed by Exemplar Associates on behalf of the University. We invite potential applicants to contact Exemplar Associates’ account executive for the University:

Rick Merriam, Founder
Exemplar Associates
Telephone: (616) 212-9593
E-Mail: |   Website:                                                                                                                                                                      
2. What marketing factors should I consider before applying for a license?

Licensees should carefully consider factors such as their goals, business  plans, and overall approach to their target markets to make a determination as to whether a license with the University is something that they wish to pursue. Please note that licensees, existing or prospective, should not assume that the University will take an active role in facilitating their business endeavors, or that business from University departments will ensue as a result of the license being granted.

3. How do I sell merchandise in the Penn Bookstore?

The operation of the University’s bookstore is privately managed by Barnes & Noble College Booksellers. The company is responsible for all decisions on merchandise selections. These decisions are made at the B&N corporate level and not at the local store or at the University. Information on becoming a new vendor can be obtained by dialing 908-991-2665 (the main Corporate number); transferring to the operator; and asking for the New Vendor Information department.

4. Is there are relationship between becoming a licensee and having products sold at the Penn Bookstore?

The processes are completely separate. Becoming a licensee does not imply or influence the likelihood of becoming an approved vendor by B&N or placement in the Penn Bookstore.  However, if the products are intended to bear the Penn trademarks, becoming licensed by the University is prerequisite.

I have other questions about using the University’s name and trademarks.  Where can I find more information?

  • If your question involves product manufacturing or for any item intended to be sold or marketed, please send your inquiry to Annie Weinstein, Associate Director of Communications & External relations at
  • Helpful information, including a list of contacts, can be found here.

5. Is it possible to obtain a list of Penn's licensed vendors?

Yes. Please contact the Annie Weinstein, Associate Director of Communications & External relations at

6. What is the difference between a "licensed vendor" and an "approved supplier"?

Licensed vendors are individuals or companies who have been licensed to produce merchandise, promotional items, and other goods that bear Penn's trademarks and logos. Approved suppliers are vendors who have registered through Penn Purchasing Services to provide goods and services to the University as part of the BEN Buys purchasing system. More information about becoming an approved supplier can be found here. Please note that being an approved supplier does not grant license to produce items bearing Penn's trademarks and logos. All vendors must hold a separate license to produce Penn-branded items.